external image index.php?control=database_file&fmc=image_file_manager_config&record_id=elmpark:69386

Go to


external image index.php?control=database_file&fmc=image_file_manager_config&record_id=elmpark:69396

Choose from a boy or a girl

Then start choosing your clothes, hair, arms etc

Be creative!

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Once you have finished click on

external image index.php?control=database_file&fmc=image_file_manager_config&record_id=elmpark:69406

It will open in a new window.

Scroll your page down so that you can see your whole body!

Hold down shift + apple + 4 at the same time and then select the area you want to take a photo of (the whole thing)

Now let go of the keys and mouse button.

You will hear a click.

Your image is saved to the desktop.

external image index.php?control=database_file&fmc=image_file_manager_config&record_id=elmpark:69411

Go to the desktop and click twice SLOWLY on the title.

Now write your name.