Setting Up A Blog

These are all educational based blog services. Each one offers similar and different features.
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Tips On Blogging With Students

A great post with lots of tips and tricks from the edublogger blog (edublogs based)

Keeping Track Of Blogs - Aggregators

An aggregator is a great way of keeping track of all the blogs you read.
It allows you to see all your blogs in one place without having to visit each one individually.
Google Reader

Blog Tools & Widgets

Blog tools and widgets are extras that you can add to your site to make it look more appealing and interesting.
Blog tools also allow you to post students work such as powerpoints and audio.
Feel free to add more tools to this list as you find them - remember to add in the link!

Visitor Widgets

Good Counter - Site that provides free counters to keep track of the number of visitors you have

Avatars & Animations

Voki - A speaking avatar - you can use in a variety of ways. Often used to welcome visitors.
Meez - A speaking avatar
Clock Link - Provide a clock to let your visitors know what time it is in your city.
Weather Pixie - Let people know what they weather is like in your city.


CoolText - Allows you to create a range of images and animations for titles

Slideshows & Videos

Slideshare - Use to upload powerpoints onto your blog.
Bubbleshare - Use to share your slideshows.
Rock You - Create a range of slideshows using photos and themes.
Slide - Create a range of slideshows using photos and themes.
You Tube - Add a range of videos to your blog.
Teacher Tube - Add a range of videos to your blog - this site is teacher/educationally focussed.
Animoto - Create your own unique short video by choosing your photos and music, animoto mixes it for you.

File Sharing

Share your homework, notices and resources in a box that parents/students can download the files from.

Collaboration Tools

Skype Badge - Display if you are online or not
Voicethread - Create collaborative projects with your students and visitors using typed and oral language.
PollDaddy - Create your own polls to quiz your visitors on Link Roll - Display your latest additions to your account
LibraryThing - Display the books you are currently reading
Shelfari - Display the books you are currently reading

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