What Is A Blog?

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Why Blog?

Blogs create a portal for your students to share their learning with the world, they create a real-life application for their learning to be shared within.
It provides teachers and students with the opportunity to remove classroom walls and to bring the community and world into the class. They allow others to see what you are learning and doing in your classroom.

Blogs can provide motivation to students through the real-life sharing, communication and feedback given to them by their peers, community and world.

Why Blog? Video
A video presentation by Rachel Boyd

Blog Examples

NZ Student Blogs

Yr 1
Tokos Tamarin

Yr 2
Room23 Meadowbank
Room 2 Nelson Central School

Yr 3
Room 16@EPS

Yr 4
Room 15@EPS

Yr 5
Room 22@EPS
Room 23@EPS
Room 24@EPS

Yr 6
Room 19@EPS
Room 20@EPS
Room 21@EPS
Room 25@EPS

Yr 7 & 8
Room3 TAI

NZ Teacher Blogs

Teaching Sagittarian
Educating The Dragon
Suzie Vesper
Rachel Boyd
Derek Wenmout
Thinking Past The Square
Life Is Not A Race To Be Finished First
Allanahk - Bling 4 Your Blog
Educational Origami
Lynne TAI
Turning The Supertanker
ICT In English

Overseas Teacher Blogs

Ewan McIntosh
Sheryl Nausbaum Beach
Clarence Fischer
Ms Cofino
Ben Hazzard
Graham Wegner
Chris Betcher
Miguel Guhlin
David Warlick
Jen Wagner
Jess McCulloch

Blog Collections

NZ Interface Magazine
NZ Edublogs Wikispace

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