Welcome to flickr Fun!


Flickr is a web-based photo storage site that has endless possibilities of use within the classroom.
To enjoy all the benefits of flickr it is a good idea to create your own account.
But many things can be done without an account.

Have a look at some of the links below to get started.

Flickr Basics

What is flickr? - Flickr Tour
Setting up a flickr account (Leathteach) - PDF on how to set up a flickr account with images
Tips for flickr beginners (Lifehacker)
Uploading to flickr (Indezine)
Flickr FAQ
What is a Tag? - Photos on flickr have tags to help you and other locate them. A tag is a keyword.

How Can I Use flickr?

How can I use flickr in my classroom?

Oral Language starters
Written Language starters - 5 frame storytelling, create a story, what happened before/after/next...
Visual Language - composition, elements of visual language
The Arts - composition/photography,
Student Work - compare to students work from overseas
Reflection and critiqueing - Post to flickr to gain comments from others
Roll over notes - to teach specific elements in all areas e.g. Parts of a book
Professional Development - Classroom displays, groups

flickr In The Class

Creative Commons License
5 Frame Storytelling
5 Frame Storytelling For Kids
The World Through My Eyes
Creative Students Work
Classroom Displays Group

flickr Mashups

Spell With Flickr - Spell words using flickr letter images.
Bubblr - Create comic strips and add speech bubbles
Poster - Create your own movie posters
Bookr - Create your own book using images from flickr. Search for relevant pics using a tag search.