When adding photos to flickr you can either add them to the pool or to the messageboards like here.
This is a tutorial for adding your images into a message for the group messageboard. This is good for adding several photos for people to view all in the same place or in a sequence, such as the 5 frame stories.
Have your photos already uploaded to your flickr account.

Posting A Topic

In a new tab go to the group you want to post the message to.
e.g. groups > 5 Frame storytelling > Post a topic (at the bottom)

You will then have a new page that displays your message. Leave this tab open!

Open up a new tab and complete the following steps.

Getting The Photo HTML

Find the photos you want to add to the message from your photos and click on the first one.
(Alternatively right click on each photo for the message and open them in a new tab - so you have a new tab with each photo in it)


To the right of your photo is a area called Additional Information - under this heading click on See different sizes


Which will take you to a new screen.
Here you can choose which size you would like to view this image in.
For messages it is good to choose the small or medium size.
Click on small or medium depending on which size. The photo that is displayed is the size it will be in the message.

When you have decided, scroll down the page and you will see this

This is the html code that you will copy and paste to place into the message.
Repeat this for each of your photos you want to place in the message.

Creating The Topic

Go back to your tab that you have your open message waiting in.
Type in the subject and then your post information.

Now you are going to copy and paste the HTML code from each photo into your message.
Go back to the photo you want first in your message.
Highlight all of the HTML code (at the bottom of your photo) then copy it.

Go back to your message
Paste the code into your message.

Repeat this for each photo that you want to show in the topic message.


When you have finished this you can click on preview to see it before it is posted.
Or click post and you have just posted a new topic to your group!