Digital Photography - Year 3 & 4 - Visual Arts (As part of EPS Art Exhibition)

These are examples of students who undertook a digital photography unit. They then had to choose 4 photos to exhibit as part of the school's annual art exhibition.

5 Frame Storytelling - Visual Language

An example of 1 students 5 frame story, hosted on A 5 frame story is a story that is told in only 5 photos with no text other than the title.
Students drafted, storyboarded then photographed their stories.

Comic Life - Visual, Oral and Written Language development

Students were given 5 photos in Comic Life. From there they discussed and then created a comic based on the visuals given.

By CH & AA

By LG & AS

5 Frame Storytelling group on Flickr - Self established & run

This is a group that I established on flickr to help support teachers running 5 Frame Story unit's within their classes.